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    Liu Weidong, Vice Mayor and other leaders visited Yifei in Suizhong

    Author:Visits:Date:2019/7/12 18:28:20

        On March 7, 2014, Vice Mayor Liu Weidong of Huludao City, Liaoning Province, visited Suizhong Yifei Intraocular Crystal Technology Co., Ltd. for guidance. Following the inspection, the leaders included Zhang Qingmin, Director of the Management Committee of Dongdaihe New Area, Vice-Director Zhong Weitang, and Jinquan, Director of the Development Service Bureau of the New Area of Liaoning Province.

    Municipal and district leaders listen to the company's development report and have a discussion with the company's leaders

    City and district leaders inspect kiln workshops and listen to production briefings

    City and district leaders inspect machine shop and listen to product introduction


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